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When Johnson Kam and Eddie Flores Jr. introduced L&L to the U.S. mainland, they knew that most Californians were unfamiliar with the plate lunch. So they repackaged it as L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. Plate lunch – also known as “the state food of Hawaii” – dates back to wage laborers in 19th century sugar plantations and pineapple fields, who brought rice and other leftovers to work in compartmentalized tins. Lunches were often shared, resulting in a harmonious mix of home recipes from Japan, China, the Philippines, Portugal, Korea, and even New England. Use your cursor to explore the ingredients above and watch your appetite build as you discover the delicious possibilities inherent in our uniquely delicious, contemporary Hawaiian Barbecue plate from Japan, China, the Philippines, 

In the early years, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue was a successful chain of drive-in restaurants with a reputation for serving fresh plate lunches throughout the Hawaiian islands. In late 1999, our founders – Johnson Kam and Eddie Flores, Jr. – introduced their signature, Asian and American fusion take on the classic plate lunch to the residents of California. Since then, the concept has found fans around the world and there are close to 200 L&L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurants in Hawaii, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Texas, New York, Tennessee, Guam and Japan. Needless to say, in addition to the fresh, culturally-commingling flavors of Hawaii, every L&L meal is infused with the warmth of aloha – the legendary spirit of welcome that makes every guest feel at home.

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Customer Reviews

Jose Carey

This spot is my favored. I go to a lot of restaurants but here I go the most. The crew is very receptive and the cooking they serve is so flavorful. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner here. Highly recommended.

Dorothy M

There is so much selection which keeps me coming back! Everyone is friendly! I feel that the portions are ample and more than satisfying! The dining area is clean and spacious! You will see all kinds of people that enjoy eating here and there is something for everyone.

Matthew Jara

Authentic and fresh. Way better than the other Hawaiian chain in town. They have delicious extras not even on the regular menu, like lumpia and gyoza. Recommend trying the daily specials as well, always nice to try something new on the cheap.

Hien Ruiz

Yummmm! Portions are large! Food is good! Typical wait time is 10 minutes. But if you call in your order there's usually no wait time. Me and my family usually order the katsu chicken and teriyaki chicken (BBQ) no rice / more macaroni salad...

Morgan Cato

I always get their pork lau lau (a pork chunk wrapped in taro leaves) and kalua pork combo. So yummy. Comes with macaroni salad and rice. Also like to get their spam musubi. Their malasadas (basically fried donut hole covered in sugar) are delicious as well.

Doug McArthur

We come here for lunch all the time. Almost don't have to give our order as the girls remember what we get. Very friendly staff, and huge portions. Even when it's busy and packed at lunch time, they are very good at getting your food ready quickly. Prices are very reasonable.